Brit Floyd at http://www.britfloyd.comI’ve been a Pink Floyd fan, always. Have experienced only two of their tours, but both true life highlights for me. I used to think “Pink Floyd cannot be replicated”. Then I saw “The Pink Floyd Tribute Show (2011) Full- Live From Liverpool“; I couldn’t believe…this band was brilliant. Super professional performers, charming, fantastic setting (scene, video, graphics). With the same level of energy Floyd certainly had when they live-performed The Wall back in the old days. Just check out “The Dark Side of the Moon songs” or take a look at their recreation of “Another Brick in the Wall” starting minute 1:57:51. Then you see the level of enthusiasm and authenticity this band has put to their work.

Pink Floyd masters all the dimensions required to disrupt the entertainment and music industry by franchising itself. They are the most disruptive band when it comes to the very essential attribute of entertainment and music: experience. They innovated and perfected the concept of creating the most spectacular and psychedelic live audio-visual experience ever created for any audience. Time for the next and final disruption?

Imagine the ability to experience Pink Floyd’s live performance so authentic as it gets?

Roger, Dave and Nick: Year 2071 kids in Stockholm want to experience a live Pink Floyd concert. Please make it a reality.