Top-ranked as “The Most Helpful Reviews” on, the following is a copy of my review (entitled: An impressive performer) of Optoma GT700 projector

First impression

With out-of-box (factory) settings and connected to my macbook via HDMI cable watching an Avatar trailer the sound of “WOW” was echoing in our room.


Earlier today, I had returned a new Optoma pico projector (PK301) to Bestbuy after days and nights of viewing in diverse lighting conditions, PK301 just didn’t work well due to too weak brightness (<50 lumens) whenever the room was not completely dark. My conclusion: current (relatively inexpensive) LED based projectors are not just yet up to the task until they are capable of performing over 1000 lumens.

Online research

I did a quick research and found many positive reviews on Optoma GT720. I also checked and compared to reviews of Optoma HD66 which I first intended to buy via Amazon; Bestbuy however had a $100 discount for this model so I bought it from them instead with no waiting time as a bonus.


My primary purpose (application) was presentation of business material such as slides and movies at diverse conference and exhibition halls; my secondary application was for use at home: home office, movies and TV (cable box, bluray, Netflix etc.).

Details and summary

My usual set of criteria for projectors are resolution, brightness, connections, placement, noise. This model from Optoma meets all of them. It displays HD material with performance almost comparable to our 32′ Sony Bravia 1080 LCD TV, Mix it then with a stellar brightness performance, connected via HDMI cable, placed very close (short throw) to the projection wall and throwing a gigantic-size display, performing in Standard brightness mode with yet very low level of audible noise.

Said things makes one smile when experiencing a sub $750 projector in year 2010. Bravo.