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LA&OC Audio Society 25th Anniversary at Scott Walker Audio Event, February 18, 2018

Geek Pulse Indiegogo DAC outperforms its goal - by Hi-Reality.
I took a screenshot after one hour of desperate try to place an order for a Geek Pulse S f (there is a picture below). The issue was to get my Paypal updated and linked to my bank account which would earliest happen after 2 days, anyways, painful it was.

Geek Pulse Indiegogo DAC outperforms its $38,000 Goal to $1,174,075! (more…)

What qualities matter for audio speakers?

Have you ever wondered which qualities and parameters you should check when searching for and buying the right home audio loudspeakers? I spent the whole 2010 doing research for finding the best possible speakers in the market that matched my budget; I eventually found the best pair of speakers (not to mention I also ended up buying four set of different speaker brands, testing them with my system at our home, and returning them!). In the meantime, I developed a list and a structure of parameters and factors to help me in my selection. Here is the list:

  • Sound quality (Acoustic characteristics)
    • Bass (deep, punchy, fast, accurate, extension, control)
      • Well control and extremely accurate lead to a perception of deeper bass than there might actually be)
    • Midrange (space and detail: e.g. vocal, piano sound)
    • Tweeter (High end, hights): crystal clear, detail, smooth, polished, off axis performance (e.g. where frequency response does not drop off nearly as rapidly as with other bookshelf models).
    • Imaging (precise), Spatial (spaciousness), holographic
    • Soundstaging (uncompressed, three dimensionality)
    • Timbral accuracy (good, bad, etc.) (e.g. piano sounding real)
    • Details
    • Clear & transparent
    • Disappear in the room
    • Dynamic: play loud without distortion, loosing
    • revealing of recording material quality/character
    • Tonal balance: (Neutral, not warm but also not cool, sounds like the frequency response from top to bottom is quite linear)
    • Tonal integration (mids and tops transition unnoticeable)
    • Minimum coloration: honest sound, realistic reproduction from the sonic & music point of view, boxy coloration
    • Engaging (long listening)
  • Placement sensitive
  • System demanding
  • Design and finish
  • Build quality
  • Features
  • Expansion possibility (for developing into a home theater system)
  • Price (value for money)

Write a comment and say what you think about this list, does it lack any parameter / factor, should it be modified in any way, etc.

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