If you have a good HiFi system an important question you should ask yourself is: “how good can my system sound?”. The rule with every sound reproduction system is: crap-in, crap-out. If your sound material is poorly recorded no algorithm/feature/system in the world can make it  sound better; including the so-called sound/audio “enhancers”. And the majority of main-stream recordings (both old and modern) possess a mediocre sound quality.

Luckily for an audiophile, there are some great recording labels that put their heart and soul into the entire aspect of recording. One of these labels is Chesky Records who records and produces high quality material. The following albums, which I own, are my recommendations:

Recommended audiophile SACDs (and CDs)

Rebecca Pidgeon – The Raven

by: Rebecca Pidgeon

Record label: Chesky Records

The Jazz Side Of The Moon (Music of Pink Floyd) – Limited 192/24

by: Sam Yahel, Mike Moreno, Ari Hoenig, Seamus Blake

Record label: Chesky Records