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T.H.E. Home Entertainment Show is coming up!

T.H.E. Home Entertainment Show starts this Friday June 1. Hope to seeing you!

The VENUE is:

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LA&OC Audio Society 25th Anniversary at Scott Walker Audio Event, February 18, 2018

CES 2015: Neil Young’s Pono Player

Neil Young’s Pono Player Kickstarter project pledged of $800,000 goal and reached $6,225,354. Continue reading “CES 2015: Neil Young’s Pono Player”

The brilliant Pet Shop Boys reminds us what to expect from Hi-Reality Machines

T.H.E. Show Newport 2013, Day Three

The featured image is James Andersson with Amara; his playback software really does make a difference! I can’t wait to use Amara and probably make it my reference player. Another remarkable experience today was the audition of Magnepan Super MMG. My notes follow: busy line for demo, 12 minutes demo, very detailed female voice, Acoustic guitar is amazingly! speakers have disappeared completely from the room, So effortless, Great dynamic too. The third memorable audition today was Onda Ligera. My notes follow: fantastic sound, wow, loud, dynamic, great demo reference CD, unbelievable base and near Hi-Reality factor.

T.H.E. Show Newport 2013, Day Two

I had the pleasure to meet with some really cool people today; such as Scott Johnson (’s Home Theater Geeks and, Tom Norton ( Today’s highlights were: KEF LS50 50th Anniversary Model, A Swedish company with impressive room correction system, and an Acoustic company who fooled everyone by thinking the great sound quality must come from some great expensive speakers while the reality was that speakers were a modest $250 ones but the the company had optimized the room acoustic.

T.H.E. Show Newport 2013, Day One

This year I had the pleasure to attend T.H.E Home Entertainment Show, Newport Beach, CA. 15 minutes drive from my home in Tustin to T.H.E Show in Newport Beach right next to the John Wayne airport (SNA) was a breeze that day. I bought a 3 day pass for $40 and started off with T.H.E Show East in The Atrium Hotel. The followings are just visual samples, and some short notes, that attempt to capture a fraction of the great atmosphere at this show; fantastic music reproduction and audio experience, great looking gears, and passionate people (from exhibitors to visitors).


Chapman Loudspeakers partnered with Wells Audio invited to huge dynamic and weight when they played a modern classical piece with lots of transients and action. Chapman T-8 MK II powered by a Wells Audio amp delivered solid performance.


I really had looking forward to listen to the new A’Diva SE and Micro SE speakers from The Anthony Gallo Acoustics. Wouldn’t you if you read CNET’s Steve Guttenberg’s review of them? I met with William Fried, VP Operations, who first demoed REFERENCE STRADA 2 SIDE SPEAKER BUNDLE and then changed the configuration to the new A’Diva SE. I couldn’t differ much between these two pairs; what I’m really saying is that A’Diva SE are so much good. They projected a huge soundstage in front of me with very crisp sound. William played a live acoustic guitar song.


Will Pink Floyd disrupt music by franchising itself?

Brit Floyd at http://www.britfloyd.comI’ve been a Pink Floyd fan, always. Have experienced only two of their tours, but both true life highlights for me. I used to think “Pink Floyd cannot be replicated”. Then I saw “The Pink Floyd Tribute Show (2011) Full- Live From Liverpool“; I couldn’t believe…this band was brilliant. Super professional performers, charming, fantastic setting (scene, video, graphics). With the same level of energy Floyd certainly had when they live-performed The Wall back in the old days. Just check out “The Dark Side of the Moon songs” or take a look at their recreation of “Another Brick in the Wall” starting minute 1:57:51. Then you see the level of enthusiasm and authenticity this band has put to their work.

Pink Floyd masters all the dimensions required to disrupt the entertainment and music industry by franchising itself. They are the most disruptive band when it comes to the very essential attribute of entertainment and music: experience. They innovated and perfected the concept of creating the most spectacular and psychedelic live audio-visual experience ever created for any audience. Time for the next and final disruption?

Imagine the ability to experience Pink Floyd’s live performance so authentic as it gets?

Roger, Dave and Nick: Year 2071 kids in Stockholm want to experience a live Pink Floyd concert. Please make it a reality.

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