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T.H.E. Home Entertainment Show is coming up!

T.H.E. Home Entertainment Show starts this Friday June 1. Hope to seeing you!

The VENUE is:

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Put your headphones on and enjoy this stunning Falcon Heavy Launch in Binaural Audio

LA&OC Audio Society 25th Anniversary at Scott Walker Audio Event, February 18, 2018

T.H.E. Show Newport 2016: Press & Media Day

T.H.E. Show Newport 2016

IKEA’s ‘Wedding Online’ is one step closer to VR for wedding events

Strategic planning on VR and AR should be a common activity at IKEA executive meetings. The world’s biggest furniture business is gradually introducing its customers to the concepts.

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Virtual balcony in your next cruise trip

Image credit: Royal Caribbean
Image credit: Royal Caribbean

The concept of Hi-Reality makes its way into luxury cruise lines thanks to Royal Caribbean ‘virtual balcony staterooms‘.

New Augmented Reality standard for technical communication

Image credit: EON AR Solar System from EON Reality Inc.
Image credit: EON AR Solar System app from EON Reality Inc. reported earlier this year that OASIS-Open initiated a new Technical Committee for Augmented Reality. Today, OASIS invited the industry to help developing the intended standards and guidelines for using AR in a variety of applications.  Continue reading “New Augmented Reality standard for technical communication”

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