Prelude senses a distant era where the evolution of human and technology has brought flawless sensory-specialized tools that deliver reality. They are called 
Hi-Reality Machines. In this era, the human has fully merged with the machine and is equipped with an evolved and connected consciousness that is constantly roaming in a new reality called Hi-Reality.

Hi-Reality is a state where the boundaries between the physical reality, its representation, and the artificial reality have dissolved. Hi-Reality is the final purpose of today’s Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Augmented Virtuality immersive systems.

The task of a Hi-Reality Machine

The task of a Hi-Reality Machine is to deliver reality for human, cyborg, or any life form.

Performance criteria of a Hi-Reality Machine

A Hi-Reality Machine must at least fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • To completely trick at least one sensory system of the human, cyborg, or any life form
  • To completely trick the entire sensory system of the human, cyborg, or any life form
  • To create altered-states of consciousness

Classification of Hi-Reality Machines

Hi-Reality Machines must be classified based on:

  • The life form type they target and and are designed for (e.g. humans, any particular life form); and
  • The sensory system(s) they target and are designed for

Thus, for example a Hi-Reality Machine that is designed to trick the Auditory and Visual system of the human (which is the default life form) has this classification: Hi-Reality Machine Class AV

Performance testing of a Hi-Reality Machine

Although this performance methodology and procedure have not been (fully) developed; the performance of a Hi-Reality Machine must use a subjective experience measurement method and tool. That is, the method and tool must measure and compare subject’s perception (brain response) between the ‘reality’ and that reality produced by the Hi-Reality Machine. Brain scanning using diverse established techniques are perhaps the way forward.

Image from, What is Consciousness, Image credit: Cyber Girl, by WebWizzard (at