Geek Pulse Indiegogo DAC outperforms its goal - by Hi-Reality.
I took a screenshot after one hour of desperate try to place an order for a Geek Pulse S f (there is a picture below). The issue was to get my Paypal updated and linked to my bank account which would earliest happen after 2 days, anyways, painful it was.

Geek Pulse Indiegogo DAC outperforms its $38,000 Goal to $1,174,075!

That picture displays multiple paradigm shifts in clear-cut:

  1. Customer Culture: the days of only Rich-Audiophile and Expensive-Gear-Vendors are over. High-End audio is being democratized thanks to a bunch of passionate entrepreneurs (e.g. folks at LH Labs), Crowdfunding (Geek Pulse DAC was an Indiegogo project), and passionate buyers.
  2. Source: CD/CD-players are out and Hi-Res Audio/DAC are here to stay
  3. Playback: probably majority of buyers are going to use the Geek DACs with headphones. A clear trend that the people are moving away from (or using it a less) 2 Channel audio to using headphones. An interesting subject for a later post.

Geek Pulse Sf, Indiegogo DAC outperforms

Geek Pulse S f described, Indiegogo DAC outperforms