Pet Shop Boys, Downtown LAThe 2013 Pet Shop Boys concert in Downtown LA was a tour de force. It was an ultimate DJ and Club experience, an energizing psychedelic trip, a state-of-the-art. It goes to my top three live concerts*. Boys are back with a tremendous power and charm; they are greater than ever which is hard to believe considering their age.

Here is what I wish I could do: had my precise audio and visual experience recorded during the concert and re-played it whenever I wanted so that I sensed full realism every time (i.e. I could have the identical experience to what I had when I was there at the concert). This is what Hi-Reality predicts is coming.

  • the other two events being the Pink Floyd Pulse concert (1995 in Gothenburg, Sweden) and Roger Water / Pink Floyd The Wall concert (2012 in 3 different locations in Los Angeles and Orange County, USA)