The Washington Post introduces ASMR to the public with Maria of GentleWhispering

The Washington Post just published an article introducing ASMR to the general public: ‘A whisper, then tingles, then 87 million YouTube views: Meet the star of ASMR‘. WP makes this introduction with Maria of GentleWhispering. has been, for quite some time, observing the growing culture of ASMR and its evolution through following Maria and other ASMR pioneers and their own growth in making ASMR content.

Near future of ASMR and Virtual Reality; One-to-Many and One-to-One ASMR experience (real-time or recorded) has been linking ASMR with Virtual Reality. From a commercial perspective, ASMR artists will soon create another revenue stream for themselves via diverse Virtual Reality platforms which as well are positioned in a growing market landscape. A business model would be for example Pay per ASMR experience (one-to-many or one-to-one in real-time or recorded) that the VR-platform host and ASMR artist/content creator share.

Oculus VR to Facebook and near-future of Virtual Reality

Source: the last two years Oculus Rift has stolen the show at CES. The once Kickstarter project is constantly improving its Virtual Reality device and its VR technology. The people that have tried it have got it: this is a game-changer.

And indeed it is. VR is the path towards building the first Hi-Reality Machine.

Initial reaction on Facebook becoming the new owner of Oculus VR (for a cool $2B) can be why? why Facebook? it’s not gonna work, Apple should bought them, the short bubble of VR movement is back to Sci-Fi…

But, wait…

Facebook needs to lead the innovation and improve its core technology and its UI; otherwise it faces decline. CEO Mark Zuckerberg naturally knows this. It’s probable that he too got it after he tried the Oculus Rift. It’s not hard to see that this must be the next major milestone in the human-to-human remote communications. It is about creating life-like experiences for humans (or even animals). This is the goal of a Hi-Reality Machine. Will Facebook be the first to deliver it? It could very well be the company that started the race between the tech-giants.

Facebook can create the Next Youtube and make youtube obsolete.

Here is a prediction: Facebook has the potential to become the first and major VR/VR-World platform (a concept that SecondLife and alike just couldn’t succeed years ago). Businesses connected to the Facebook VR Network or leasing VR-space from Facebook can sell quite interesting services: some of them sell experience: You can experience a personal or group safari trip or a Himalayas trip without actually being in those locations. Or you can experience your friend’s visual and audio experience half-way around the world if you want. That is a big deal.

Facebook can create the Next evolutionary stage in delivering Audio and Video digital content that will eventually make Youtube obsolete.

Virtual Reality has gotten much closer to mainstream now than ever before. The race of delivering an optimum VR-experience is mainstream now.

Image source: Oculus VR